In Nigeria, the investment landscape is different. A significant majority of the population tends to view investment from a short-term lens (typically 1 – 3 years). When making investment decisions everyone tries to be as rational as possible. We take into account every variable that may hurt our investment. We ask all the questions or

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MEET EMEKA – A SHORT STORY Emeka is a 27-year-old product manager. He just got married and is considering several investment options to secure his family’s financial future. Emeka is keen on real estate but he also requires some regular payout from whatever investment he undertakes. You see, Emeka’s father was a farmer and Emeka

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Imagine you are at a soiree with a few friends or acquaintances and the topic is “investments”. This group you are currently engaging with includes a few people you admire professionally. This is your chance to grow your professional circle. Everyone is taking turns to pontificate about their knowledge of investment instruments on their individual

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