Cassava is rich in nutrients and a good source of energy. We specialize in cassava farming and processing of cassava into pharmaceutical grade cassava starch and High-Quality Cassava Flour.

Cassava Farm Units now selling from ₦560,000

Outgrower Scheme

To increase Cassava production, we create a fully sustainable supply chain of fresh raw cassava tubers and 10 tons of high-quality cassava starch, and 12.5 tons of cassava flour plants per day. We implement sustainable practices on over 100,000 hectares to support the processing plant for 300 working days with a targeted yield of 30 tons per hectare. 

Our Value Chain

We aim to produce raw cassava tubers (R.C.T) at 15000 per ton to build a framework of maximum quality and provide positive sustainability in Cassava flour supply.





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