A Farming Community Nurturing Sustainability and Safety for a Brighter Future!


Throughout our farming operations, we prioritize environmental conscious practices to manage our farmstead responsibly. To accomplish this, we actively eliminate the use of harmful chemicals.

We firmly discourage any form of bush burning, recognizing its detrimental effects on the environment. Through education and awareness initiatives, we strive to ensure that our entire workforce and local farmers comprehend the implications of practices that cause harm to the environment.

By fostering understanding and knowledge, we aim to create a collective effort towards protecting our natural surroundingsā€¦


At Greenhills Cassava Farmstead, the well-being of our team members, both in the field and in the office, is of paramount importance. This commitment drives us to continuously assess and enhance our safety protocols. Our vision entails meticulous planning to ensure that every aspect of our operations is organized in a manner that prioritizes safety and eliminates potential health risks. We firmly believe that safety should never be compromised. It remains an unwavering priority every single day, without exception.

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