Frequently Asked Questions

GreenHills Cassava Farmstead is Located at Olorunsogo, Mowe/Ofada, Ogun State.

GreenHills Cassava Farmstead is powered by GreenHills Cassava Farmstead and Industries.

Certificate of Occupancy.

NO, there is none. The land is free from government acquisitions or interest and adverse claims.

Yes, it is.

600 sqm.

  • Mechanized farming operation.
  • Combined maintenance and harvesting.
  • Guaranteed off-take of farm produce.
  • Recreational resort and Artificial lake.
  • Multipurpose hall.
  • Residential estates.
  • Mobile app to monitor farming activities.
  • Security against theft and encroachment.
  • Insurance.
  • Seamless onboarding of farmers (investors) and agents in the farmstead scheme.
  • Ability to identify farm lot(s) at risk of low production.
  • Ability to monitor field staff activities and performance.
  • Ability to communicate with farmers (investors) in the scheme via SMS and IVR.
  • Ability to seamlessly track harvest and collections.
  • Automated payment processing for different stakeholders in the scheme.

GreenHills Cassava Farmstead and Industries handles the management from land clearing through land preparation, cultivation, maintenance, harvesting and guaranteed off-take (terms & conditions apply)

Yes, it is. There will be provision of water, security and electricity.

We Deliver Profitable Returns To You.

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