Ofada rice

Using advanced technology, our Ofada rice is stoneless, tasty, neatly processed and beautifully packaged in 5kg and 10kg bags respectively.

Cassava Farm Units now selling from ₦560,000

Outgrower Scheme

Ofada rice is local specie of popular RICE known in botanical circles as Oryza Sativa. It is grown almost exclusively in Ogun State, a state in Southwestern Nigeria and named after the town “Ofada” in Ogun State. It has a rough surface, more phosphorous, and fiber which help in the reduction of the risk of bowel disorder and fighting constipation, and contains an appreciable amount of selenium which has been found to be effective in fighting colon and breast cancer. Our Ofada rice outgrower scheme is set up to increase the refining process of Ofada rice.

Our Value Chain

To increase Ofada rice production, we make use of technology in processing, parboiling, milling, packaging, and distribution to enhance manufacturing efficiencies.





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