Greenhills Farmstead seeks to drive Africa’s agricultural revolution, by increasing investment in agriculture,  fostering entrepreneurship and investment in agribusinesses and agrifood value chain. We intend to strengthen sustainability through Economic, Environmental and Social approaches. 


With the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development adopted by the United Nations General Assembly that includes 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Greenhills Cassava Farmstead has created roadmaps to achieving the following goals

“Our passion is to help Africa achieve a vibrant farm economy that contributes to more growth, quality food, and all overall improvement in the quality of livelihoods.”

~ Anonymous



We incorporate economic practices to improve production, efficiency, productivity and profitability and create integrated solutions that address food production, economic development, and expansion of food supply. We have developed sustainable solutions to improve functionality, quality, and farm productivity throughout our global operations, from cassava to ofada rice and plantain flour. 


One of our missions is to develop sustainable solutions in the protection of the environment and expansion of natural resources supply. Greenhills supports projects that focus on protecting natural resources, adapting to a changing climate, and advancing energy independence in Africa. Our agricultural strategy is aimed at growing crops while reducing soil turnover and erosion. 


Greenhills operates effective farming productivity and resilience which leads to better outcomes in terms of income for farmers, efficient food crops, and impact on the environment. We strive to help farmers create more value from the quality of their crops and help them understand crop quality attributes to create improved consumer products. Being able to leverage the natural variety of healthy diets, we can create consistency in this diversity.

Greenhills Cassava Farmstead maintains a healthy relationship with its management and field staff, the communities in which our farms are located, the Ogun-state Government, and the Nation as a whole

Mr. Osifeso Olanrewaju

Managing Director

Cassava Farm Units now selling from ₦450,000

Our Responsibility

Sustainable Supply Chain

Supply chain visibility of high quality food produce to meet the rising demand and shift to nutrition based diet in Africa and beyond.


We help to collect data, improve transparency, and ultimately help our farmers with more information to improve their livelihoods.

Food Safety and Quality

Manufacturing, processing, packaging and distribution of fortified foods and growing the volumes of quality crops required by Greenhills and our customers.

Creating Enabling Environment

Improving agriculture through our operational ability to make impact on improving farmers’ livelihoods, increasing community well-being, and regenerating our living world.

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