GreenHills Cassava Farmstead is a Limited Liability Company Registered under the Nigerian companies Act to carry out agriculture related business, located in Ogun State, Nigeria. We offer a unique opportunity for individuals to become farm owners within our expansive farmstead. Our dedicated team, in collaboration with our esteemed technical partners, is committed to providing comprehensive farm management services, guiding you through every stage of the farming process.

With GreenHills Cassava Farmstead, you can secure a smart, secure, and profitable investment by owning a minimum of three plots in our vast 2,000-hectare arable cassava farmland and resorts. We assure you a guaranteed return on your investment through our expertise and meticulous approach to cultivation.

GreenHills Cassava Farmstead is situated in two phases:

  • Phase 1: Olorunsogo, Mowe/Ofada, Ogun State.
  • Phase 2: Ihunbo, Off Owode, Idi-roko road, Ogun State.

The Farmstead is developed and powered by GreenHills Cassava Farmstead Limited.

Our esteemed technical partners include the following:

  • Niji Group
  • Agridrive
  • Young Agro Services

After completing your purchase, you will receive the following Land Title documents:

  • Certificate of Occupancy
  • Deed of Assignment
  • Survey Plan
  • Contract of Sale
  • Land Allocation Letter

These documents serve as legal proof of ownership and provide important details about the property you have acquired

No, there are no encumbrances present. The land is entirely free from any government acquisitions, interests, or adverse claims.

Yes, the road leading to the farm is accessible.

The plot size measures 600 square meters.

The price per plot is ₦366,666.

The minimum investment amount is set at ₦1,250,000, equivalent to 6 plots of land.

The average yield per acre is approximately 8 to 10 tonnes.

At GreenHills Cassava Farmstead, we offer a range of facilities and benefits designed to enhance farming operations and provide optimal support to our farmers and investors. Here are the key features:

  • Fully Mechanized Farming Operations: Our farmstead is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and technology, enabling efficient and productive farming processes.

  • Combined Maintenance and Harvesting: We provide comprehensive services that encompass both maintenance and harvesting activities, ensuring a seamless and streamlined farming experience.

  • Guaranteed Off-Take of Farm Produce: We offer a reliable market for the farm produce, assuring our farmers of a consistent and profitable off-take of their crops.

  • Mobile App: Our dedicated mobile application allows farmers and investors to access real-time updates, track their investments, and conveniently manage their farm activities.

  • Security Against Theft and Encroachment: We prioritize the safety and security of our farm lots, implementing measures to safeguard against theft and encroachment, giving our farmers peace of mind.

  • Insurance: We provide insurance coverage for unforeseen events, protecting our farmers and their investments from potential risks and losses.

  • Seamless On-boarding of Farmers (Investors) and Agents: We have a smooth and efficient onboarding process for farmers, investors, and agents, ensuring a hassle-free integration into the farmstead scheme.

  • Ability to Identify Low Production Risk: Our advanced monitoring systems enable the identification of farm lots that may be at risk of low production, allowing proactive measures to be taken for better yields.

  • Monitoring of Field Staff Activities and Performance: We have mechanisms in place to monitor and assess the activities and performance of our field staff, ensuring accountability and optimal service delivery.

  • Communication via SMS & IVR: We facilitate effective communication between farmers, investors, and the farmstead scheme through SMS and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology.

  • Automated Payment Processing: Our system incorporates automated payment processing for different stakeholders within the farmstead scheme, ensuring transparent and timely financial transactions.

The transaction sequence for acquiring land through our company is as follows:

  • Payment for the land.
  • Collection of the receipt and contract of sale of land.
  • Physical allocation of the land and issuance of an allocation letter.
  • Issuance of the Deed and Survey plan.
  • Payment of the Development levy.

After completing the payment, you will receive the following documents:

  • Land title documents
  • A contract of sale and purchase receipt
  • Survey fee: 10% of the investment fee.
  • Legal fees: 10% of the investment fee.
  • Development levy: 5% of the investment fee.
  • Security fee: 5% of the investment fee.
  • Insurance fee: 5% of the investment fee.

For survey and legal fees, it is recommended to make the payment prior to the physical allocation of the property. This ensures that all necessary documentation and legal processes are completed in a timely manner, allowing for a smooth and seamless allocation process. By settling these fees beforehand, you can avoid any potential delays or complications during the allocation phase.

The physical allocation of plots will take place only after full payment for both the Survey and Legal fees has been received.

At GreenHills Cassava Farmstead, we take full responsibility for managing every aspect of the farm’s operations. From the initial stages of land clearing to meticulous land preparation, cultivation, ongoing maintenance, and timely harvesting, our dedicated team ensures the seamless management of the entire process. Additionally, we offer a guaranteed off-take arrangement, subject to specific terms and conditions.

Absolutely. Our farmstead provides comprehensive services including water supply, security measures, and electricity provisions. You can rest assured that these essential amenities are readily available to support your farming operations.

The service charge for the farmstead is 30% of the farm proceeds. This fee covers various aspects, including land clearing and cultivation, manpower, harvesting, logistics, as well as the maintenance of the mobile app, which is primarily utilized for farm management purposes.

Yes, as a subscriber, you have the option to resell your plot or property. It is important to note that upon the sale, the buyer will assume all assets and liabilities associated with the plots or property.

No, all payments must be made to the GreenHills account.

In the event that you are unable to proceed with the payment, we offer a refund option. However, please note that a 90-day notice is required for the company to process your refund. The refund will be issued only after the respective plots have been successfully resold. It’s important to mention that the refund amount will be 30% less than the original purchase price, accounting for administrative and other applicable fees related to the plots.


Investing in agriculture has proven to be a powerful tool in combating hunger and poverty, significantly improving the lives of billions of people worldwide, as emphasized by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. By investing in GreenHills Cassava Farmstead, you not only have the opportunity to generate returns but also contribute to making a positive impact on society.

Our farmstead has a remarkable track record of excellence, consistently delivering high-quality farm produce. With tons of produce already delivered to satisfied customers and partners across the globe, we have established a reputation for reliability and success in the industry.

Cassava usually takes approximately 10 months to reach the stage of harvest.

10 months after full payment for the land and statutory fees. 

At Greenhills Cassava Farmstead, we offer an opportunity for individuals who are not experienced farmers to generate income from our thriving cassava cultivation. Through our advanced commercial farming model and cutting-edge technology, we maintain a steady production flow, ensuring year-round availability and high crop yields. This enables us to meet the ever-increasing demand for cassava consistently. By partnering with us, you can participate in this lucrative venture and start reaping the financial rewards.

Absolutely! We have a comprehensive insurance policy in place from Leadway Assurance Plc that provides full coverage for both the farm itself and the produced goods.

Self-planting would be encouraged during farm visits by the investors. While we highly encourage our visitors to engage in self-planting activities during farm visits, we also organize frequent seminars and training sessions for individuals interested in farming. However, for optimal cost-effectiveness, the management of the farm will primarily be undertaken by GreenHills Cassava Farmstead.

Farm monitoring would be done via our mobile app and a cloud-based web application. These platforms offer subscribers a convenient and real-time platform to engage in transactions, monitor investment and trade activities, as well as track their farms. Similar to the successful model employed by Tajudeen Dantata Farms, our intelligent engine leverages satellite imagery to conduct vegetative analysis of crops. This analysis enables us to classify each hectare of farmland based on vegetation health, providing valuable insights to our users.

The Mobile App offers the following key features:

  • Ability to track farm activities.
  • Geo mapping of farm units.
  • Geo tracking of activity locations.
  • Offline functionality for areas with limited internet connectivity.
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