GreenHills Cassava Farmstead is an Agriculture investment platform that provides you with a smart, secure, profitable and guaranteed investment opportunity of owning a minimum of 3 plots in a 2,000 hectares of arable cassava farmland and resorts in Ogun State.

Olorunsogo, Mowe/Ofada, Ogun State.

GreenHills Cassava Farmstead is powered by GreenHills Cassava Farmstead & Industries.

  • Certificate of Occupancy – In view
  • Deed of Assignment
  • Survey Plan
  • Contract of Sale
  • Land Allocation Letter
NO, there is none. The land is free from government acquisitions or interest and adverse claims.
  • Fully mechanized farming operations 
  • Combined maintenance and harvesting 
  • Guaranteed off-take of farm produce 
  • Mobile App 
  • Security against theft and encroachment 
  • Insurance 
  • Seamless on-boarding of farmers (investors) and agents and the  ‘farmstead’ scheme 
  • Ability to identify farm lot(s) at risk of low production 
  • Ability to monitor field staff activities and performance 
  • Ability to communicate with farm (investors) in the scheme via SMS  & IVR 
  • Automated payment processing for different stakeholders in the  scheme
  • Payment for land 
  • Collection of receipt and contract of sale of land 
  • Physical allocation and issuance of allocation letter 
  • Issuance of Deed and Survey plan 
  • Payment of Development levy

A contract of sale and receipt

  • Survey fee – 10% of investment fee
  • Legal – 10% of investment fee 
  • Development levy – 5% of investment fee 
  • Security – 5% of investment fee 

Survey and Legal fees should be paid before the physical allocation.

Physical allocation of plots will be after full payments for Survey and Legal  fees.

GreenHills Cassava Farmstead handles the management from land clearing  through land preparation, cultivation, maintenance, harvesting and  guaranteed off-take (terms & conditions apply) 

Yes, it is. There will be provision of water, security and electricity.

0% of farm proceeds. It covers land clearing and cultivation, manpower,  harvesting, logistics, mobile app maintenance (generally farm management) 

Yes, investors can resell the land but Greenhills has the right of first refusal

Yes, in the event of a refund, you are required to give the company 90 days’  notice to process your refund. The refund will be made only after such plots  have been resold and will be paid 30% less the amount you bought it for the  plots’ administrative and other fees.


Investments in agriculture are the best weapons against hunger and  poverty, and they have made life better for billions of people” – Bill and  Melinda Gates Foundation. The aforementioned quote highlights the  impact of investment in agriculture beyond just making money to changing  lives. 

GreenHills Cassava Farmstead has a history of excellence, high quality  farm produce with over tons of produce delivered to customers, partners  across the globe. 

Some of our partners include Niji Group, Crowdyvest Limited, Leadway  Assurance. We have existing relationships with Flour Mills Nig. Ltd Ogun State, Farmforte & Agro-Allied Nig. Ltd-Lagos State, Thelma  Farms- Ogun State, AgriDrive-Oyo State & Kenya, GO Africa- New York,  Tradebuza-Lagos State. 

It takes 10 months to harvest cassava. 

10 months after full payment for the land and statutory fees. 

The team at GreenHills Cassava Farmstead is skilled, motivated and  experience. Led by the CEO, Olarenwaju Osifeso, who has driven the  company to new heights, the farming operations would be mostly mechanized with 5000 farming members of staff deployed, the best framing  practices would be implemented.

Yes, with a full insurance cover from Leadway Assurance Plc.

Self-planting would be encouraged during farm visits by the investors.  Seminars and training would also be held very often on the farm for those  who have interest in farming. However, for cost effectiveness, GreenHills  Cassava Farmstead would be handling the farm management. 

Our team would develop a Mobile App as well as a create a cloud based web  application which would provide the investors a platform on which they can  transact, monitor and track investment and trade activities real time (a  similar model of such is used on Tajudeen Dantata Farms). The  intelligence engine also would leverage satellite imagery to carry out  vegetative analysis of crops with the objective of classifying each hectare of  farmland based on the health vegetation. 

  •  Ability to tract farm activities
  • Geo mapping of farm units
  • Geo tracking of activities’ locations
  • Offline feature for areas with low internet connectivity.

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