Osifeso Olanrewaju is a seasoned Agriculturist with a strong commitment to driving Private Sector Development. His rapid adaptability is a result of a rich and diverse background in Finance, Agribusiness, and the Technology sectors.

In addition to his role as a versatile team player, Olanrewaju Osifeso serves as the Managing Director of GreenHills Cassava Farmstead Nig. Ltd. Before delving into agriculture, Lanre embarked on a journey in Petroleum trading, marking the inception of his entrepreneurial career. He previously held the position of Managing Director and CEO at San Jose (cashew & cassava Farms) Nig Ltd, where he amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience before venturing out to establish his own agricultural enterprise. His unwavering motivation is driven by a desire to empower and promote agriculture, particularly among the youth of the nation. He takes pride in his impeccable work ethics and resourcefulness.

Olanrewaju Osifeso’s relentless pursuit of success has propelled him to continuously strive for his goals and aspirations, bolstering his expertise. He is currently engaged in providing advisory and consulting services to a multinational company in Nigeria, assisting them in enhancing their outbound supply chain infrastructure. His academic background includes graduating with distinction in Mathematics & Statistics from the University of Lagos, and he is currently pursuing certifications in plant sciences from the Volcani Institute, Israel. With over a decade of experience as a sharp-witted entrepreneur, Olanrewaju Osifeso is a valuable asset in the field of agriculture.

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