Challenges In Nigeria Cassava Farming And Its Solutions- Part 1.

Challenges Faced during Cassava Farming

While cassava presents promising opportunities, farmers often grapple with challenges that demand strategic solutions. In this two-part blog post, we’ll delve into the diverse and complex aspects of cassava farming, and explore viable solutions for a resilient and efficient
farming system.

We will be addressing various challenges encountered in cassava farming below, stay focused.

Pest and Disease Control

Cassava is vulnerable to many diseases that may be widespread in a population. These communicable diseases include mosaic disease, cassava bacterial blight, anthracnose disease, bud necrosis. Cassava is also subject to infestation by mealybugs, green mites and a host of other pests. An infestation or outbreak can lead to volatility of pricing; higher prices, if most production is domestically consumed, or lower prices if most production is exported.

Access to Quality Planting Materials

Farmers often face challenges in accessing a consistent and sufficient supply of high-quality cassava cuttings and planting materials. This can lead to variations in seed quality, affecting crop performance and increasing the risk of introducing diseases and pests to the cassava plantation.

Weather Variability

Though cassava is a resilient crop, it is becoming increasingly vulnerable due to climate change and changing weather patterns. This has manifested as droughts during rainy season or excessive rainfall when the climate should be dry.

Market Access and Price Fluctuations

Small farmers often operate with limited information about market demands, prices, and consumer preferences. This creates a reliance on middlemen which can lead to unfair pricing and reduced profit margins for farmers.

Storage and transportation of harvest

Inadequate warehousing and the lack of stable electricity forces farmers to sell their harvest at low prices, impacting both quality and quantity. Additionally, lacking proper transportation facilities due to poor road networks and insecurities hinders farmers from securing fair prices for their products.

As we navigate the challenges of cassava farming in Nigeria, it’s imperative to recognize the resilience and determination of our farmers. 

In the next part, we will discuss how Greenhills navigate these challenges ...

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