Effective Ways to Overcome Challenges in Cassava Farming – Part 2.

Effective Ways to Overcome Challenges in Cassava Farming: Greenhills' Approaches

This is the concluding segment of our two-part series addressing the challenges of farming in Nigeria, Africa. We would delve into the strategies employed by our team at Greenhills Cassava Farmstead to overcome and mitigate current and future challenges of cassava farming.

At Greenhills we are experts at managing our cassava farms, and these are some steps we take to ensure that ...

Partnerships with Research Organisations

Our affiliation with organisations such as the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) gives us access to the best-in-class seedlings and cuttings available on the market, ensuring we have disease-free crops from the onset. This also gives us early access to new technology designed to mitigate the challenges brought on by the rapidly changing weather patterns brought on by climate change.

Organic farming practices

At Greenhills, we make use of traditional farm practices such as intercropping and mulching in order to keep the soil healthy without the need for chemical fertilizers. We only make use of non-toxic pesticides to keep any possible pests away!

Network of Buyers

Before we even begin to cultivate on the farm, we have our network of new and existing buyers with whom we negotiate the sale of our cassava harvest. At times, depending on the current market conditions, we are able to lock in prices. So, once the cassava is mature, we already have companies ready to buy for whatever purpose, at competitive prices

Effective supply chain

Logistics is the backbone of the farming, especially for cassava which is highly perishable, we know this at Greenhills. For this reason, we have adequate transport facilities from trucks to the drivers that man them, for moving our Cassava from to its final destination effectively and efficiently. Ensuring we do not lose gains to spoilage and maintain our reputation of supplying high-quality cassava.

Local Knowledge

Finally, our knowledge of the nuances that exist within the different cultures in Nigeria, helps us exploit the beauty in our diversity. Our close connection to the communities our farms exist in helps us mitigate any possible emergency cultural or security challenges, as we are always kept in the loop about what’s going on.

Farming in Nigeria is difficult although very rewarding. We love what we do at Greenhills, if you have been considering starting your own farm but do not want to deal with the difficulties that comes with it, consider farming with us. You own your farm, we manage and give you dividends on your harvest, its that simple.

Contact us today at Greenhills Cassava Farmstead to start your cassava farming…
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