What Is The Safest Agricultural Investment In Nigeria?


Emeka is a 27-year-old product manager. He just got married and is considering several investment options to secure his family’s financial future. Emeka is keen on real estate but he also requires some regular payout from whatever investment he undertakes.

You see, Emeka’s father was a farmer and Emeka knew he wanted to invest in Agricu威而鋼 lture but he knew there would be no time to supervise farming activities without leaving his job.

Emeka (researches) learns about Greenhills Casava farmstead from a friend (financial advisor) whom he talked to about his investment plan.

Emeka is excited because Greenhills Cassava Farmstead offers him exactly what he wants and much more; a land asset, regular payout on investment and, farm management services he can monitor from the comfort of his home and office.

Emeka is happy. Be like Emeka.


We genuinely understand that your money is important to you especially if you live in Nigeria where the socio-economic climate demonstrates a high degree of volatility. It is for this reason that Greenhills Cassava Farmstead has developed a business model that guarantees a return on investment and even more exciting, you get to own your land.

Our farm-pool model allows us to provide a full-service investment return on your land asset. The model is very simple;

You Invest, We farm and We Pay.

How It Works

STEP 1 – Get Information

Investment models vary across different industries. It is important you learn as much as possible about the investment you want to undertake. Information about our investment packages can be found on our website. You can call or chat up our customer care agents if that is more convenient. Furthermore, you can explore our social media pages (Instagram and Facebook) for more information on our activities.

STEP 2 – Apply To Invest

In this stage, you will be sent an application form to enter the details of your investment preference after you have gotten information on the different packages we offer.

STEP 3 – Invest

On submission of the details of your application, a brief is processed from your application. An offer letter is generated and sent to you with information on your chosen investment package.

On investment, a contract of sale and receipt will be given to you. Other documentations will be processed for you to transfer ownership of your allotted space. Some of these land title documents include;

  • Certificate of Occupancy – In view
  • Deed of Assignment
  • Survey Plan
  • Contract of Sale
  • Land Allocation Letter
  • Insurance.


STEP 4 – Return On Investment

A farming cycle typically lasts 10 – 12 months in our trade. Upon completion of a farming cycle, we will pay 15 – 18 percent of your initial investment to your account.

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